GH mission reminder

Just a reminder for todays GH mission. We’re starting at 18:00 server time. You want to bring a ranged weapon and CC skills with you for the final boss fight. He’s gonna oneshot you in melee range unless you’re a super skilled player. If you don’t know what is DEFIANCE you want to take a look at this: Our boss has a teal bar. Don’t forget food.


Guild Challenge

The Orchid Circle exists one week, and we are already 26! It is wonderful to see people teaming up and having fun together. Big thanks to Jegu for bringing in many players.

This evening at 19:00 server time we will do the medium guild mission, which is Blightwater Shatterstrike. Recommended level is 43 and you need to have Tumok’s Waypoint in Blazeridge steppes unlocked.

We will discuss tactics before we start, all are welcome.

See you this evening!

Cattelle – Zoeki


Getting Ahead

We did the Guild Mission twice yesterday. Those who want to get the benefits still can launch it until Sunday evening. Please team up with a few people upfront and divide the tasks, you can not do this on your own. Look at the previous post for info.

As of today we have an Anvil and a Merchant, and they will come over to the Hall once we have that.

Happy Gaming and make sure to get to know your Guildees,

Cattelle – Zoeki