Guild Rules

The below rules are mostly for housekeeping, and to give some process in case of disagreement.

  1. The Orchid Circle stands for dignity, valor and most of all FUN. This is clarified in the following:
    • Dignity translates to decency in language, expression and behavior. This is a game and a lot is possible, but we will not tolerate trolling, harassment, name-calling or other such disposition. The decision on what is acceptable and unacceptable will be determined by the leaders of the guild.
    • Within the Guild, Valor stands for the contribution players deliver. Such contribution will be valued by the Guild in giving players added roles and ranks, if the player wants. Generally, we expect members to rep. See below for details.
    • Finally, fun. If we do not like something, we will simply not do it. We will not force players to do things they do not like. The Guild intends to be consensual (hence the Circle).
  2. The Guild strives to grow, both in numbers and level. This is a general direction, but it has a lower priority than rule 1.
  3. The Guild language is English, both in chat and Discord. All formal communications within the Guild are done through two channels:
    • The MOTD (Message Of The Day).
    • The blog (
  4. For practical decision making and application of these rules, the responsibility lies with the five top ranking members of the Guild, called the Leader Committee. Changes to these rules, rulings in case of conflict and decisions on disciplinary action will be made by these five by simple majority vote (ie three need to agree).
  5. The Guild Leader is responsible to see to the general well being of the Guild and its cohesion. The Guild Leader can call meetings of the Leader Committee to discuss direction and actions. New roles and ranks are created by the Leader after discussion with the Leader Committee.
  6. If any member does not login for 1 month and 2 weeks, they are assumed to have left the game and will be kicked from the Guild. Members can inform upfront if they will leave for a long time and then will be given protection against this rule.
  7. The Guild expects Members to be representing TOCC at least 90% of their time. Anyone with a rank higher than Member, is expected to rep at all times. If this rule is not observed, members will receive ample warning before action is taken.
  8. The following topics are ‘off-limits’ in guild chat: politics and religion. Many wars are started in real life due to these two subjects, we do not want a dispute over either of these two topics within our guild.
  9. Adult language in guild chat is permitted.
  10. Non-members are allowed to attend guild events as long as an officer in charge of the event consents to their attendance. If you bring a friend to a guild event you take full responsibility for their actions during the time they’re playing with the guild.
  11. Officers are appointed based upon experience, ability, and trustworthiness over time. While officers have authority over other guild members, they are not “superior” to other members and should not be considered as such. The officers are subject to the same rules as other members. If you have a problem with one of the officers, please report it to another officer promptly. This includes situations wherein an officer makes you uncomfortable or appears to be violating the rules of the guild for any reason.
  12. People under the age of 13 are only allowed to join the guild with an adult relative.
  13. Violating the rules of the guild is something that we take seriously, as it can lead to hard feelings and damage overall group cohesion. In the event that someone is violating the rules of the guild, we will investigate the matter and take appropriate action, whether the player in question is an officer or not. In the event that someone is behaving contrary to the rules, the first step is a discussion with the player in question and a notification that there is a problem. No further action will be taken, and if nothing else happens within a month the entire thing can be forgotten. A separate or continuing incident requires further steps. Someone who is consistently behaving contrary to the guild rules will be assigned a probationary rank with limited privileges for a month’s time pending any further behavior violations. Further behavior issues will be dealt with via removal from the guild.If someone is removed from the guild due to inactivity, they may reapply and rejoin the guild with no penalty whatsoever. If someone is removed from the guild due to behavior violations, they will not be permitted to reapply in the future.


  • The current leadership committee is Zoeki, BearCat, Sythini, Jegu, Odo.



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