Our plans

As November draws to a close, our Guild is now level 15. The arena is functional for all to try out. Trees are growing in our guild hall, and there is talk of having more of them.

First of all, it is time to promote a recent member who has already contributed enormously: Remua (player Eldemort). Remua is promoted to Member of Honor. Congratulations Remua, and most of all thank you on behalf of us all for making the guild a nicer place.


Then for our plans. The Leadership Committee are aware that many things can be done in the game, and each player has their own preferences. After discussion, below is what we are going to do:

  • Lucy (BearCat) will take the lead in getting a PvP activity going. Currently a team is being put together, so if you have any interest, talk to Lucy. Don’t be afraid, we are not pros.
  • Ezeqqi (Sythini) is getting started on high end PvE activities (raids). If you have any interest, make sure to get in touch with Eze, because this requires specific builds for your profession, and practice.
  • Cattelle (Zoeki) takes the lead on setting up dungeon and fractal runs by our guild. The idea is to run them the TOCC way (no tricks).

As always, let us know your comments in game, and enjoy your time with the Orchid Circle!

Cattelle – Zoeki



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