Voting results – Some other updates

The Orchid Circle Guild is doing very well. We have broken through the 50 membership and have obtained Guild Level 7. Our Guild Hall is coming along nicely.

Of course you all want to know the results of the voting. I have put the results viewable so you can see for yourself now by going to that post. We have 4 votes for mainly PvE, 4 votes for PvE and WvW (one of those 4 left the Guild, personal communication), and 3 votes for PvE and PvP.

This puts us in a somewhat complicated position as a Guild with regards to WvW:

  • We are really in many different worlds (Gunnars Hold, Far Shiverpeaks, Ruins of Surmia, Piken Square, Underworld, and I have only asked a few people really), so as a Guild, to the best of my knowledge, we can not group up as representing one world.
  • Guildees are clearly becoming more active in PvP, so we can develop that. The Arena unlock is coming along nicely. Mr Sunglasses (pic 2) will like that.
  • PvE unlocks continue to come along.

For now I think we will go with PvE and PvP, because I have no quick fix for the WvW issue.

Current needs for unlocks are:

  • Elder wood, elder planks, flax seeds: give those to the Asura behind the table (pic 1).
  • Carrots and potatoes (no joke …).
  • Celestial Orichalcum Inscriptions are in production (just takes time).
  • If there is any object you would like to see in our Guild Hall? For 50 S you can buy a number of things from the guy in pic 3, ranging from tables and chairs to balloons and trees. I will put it in some spot and you can tell me where you like things to stand.

Guild Missions on Wednesday evenings seem to work fine, so we will stick to that for now.

If any comments, ideas about this, feel free to write in comments below, or discuss in Guild Chat.

Cattelle – Zoeki



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