Where are we?

We are in a good place. We are set to go to level 7 as a Guild and our numbers are growing. I got the expansion to go +50 members (this was cheap for once). Also our Guild Hall is taking on its own visual style (ahem, kind of getting there).

Votes on the previous blog entry are coming in, and democracy is showing its face! If you have not done so yet, cast your vote, it sure counts.

So far, as a Guild, we want everything! That is fine. However, there is a bit of a hickup.

We never paid attention to the World you were in as we recruited you, so WvW is a challenge. Please let us know which World you are currently in, and whether you have ever changed world so far (first move is free). That will allow us to take the right decision for your WvW aspirations. So please /w, /g, mail or whatever.

We meet tomorrow (Wednesday 1900 server time) for Guild Missions. Oh yes, we have four of those now, as we got the next PvE Guild Mission slot.

All yours,

Cattelle – Zoeki



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