“How can I help the Guild?”

This is the most frequent question I get, mostly by whisper. It is a nice question to get as a guild leader, so this post gives you some of the many ways you can help.

  • Play along with the Guild Squad to do the Guild Missions. These Missions are done in team, and when successful, we get favor for the Guild. Favor is one of the many currencies we need to grow the Guild. You will also get personal rewards. Watch the MOTD for when we group up.
  • Donate material for ongoing projects. Go to the Guild Hall and talk to Pall Gilmore, Gamli, Rekka and ask them what is needed. Then click on the little bag and you can see what we are looking for. If you are willing to donate any of those, go ahead. If you have raw material (say flax seeds or elder logs) put them in the Guild Stash, and our crafters will do the rest.
  • If the above is too much hassle, you can give some Gold. Some of the stuff we just buy and the Guild can use your money well. Either put it in the stash or mail it to me.
  • Rep (“represent”) the Guild. It has a few advantages, but most of all it says “I like to be with this Guild” and that is important to all of us in the Guild.
  • Many other ways exist: you could be interested in finding new members, you could take up scribing and take care of the looks of our Hall, you could become a writer on this very blog!
  • Most of all, make sure that you enjoy being in the Guild. That is what the Orchid Circle is all about. If you feel the Guild could be better this or that way, let me know! None of the above is an obligation. I started this Guild because I felt I could do something to make people have a good time, so that is key.

Don’t forget to pick up your free XP buff at the Guild Tavern!

Have fun out there,

Cattelle – Zoeki



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