We got the Guild Hall!

It took some preparation, and we were all getting a bit hyped about it, but yesterday we got the Guild Hall mission in Lost Precipice done.

To paraphrase Bill Murray: We came. We saw. We got lost.

On the first attempt we were five and it was a bit too new. Then Odo showed up as well, and on the second try we rallied and showed the Mordrem the door. The Orchid Circle players were Moody, Liathorn, BearCat, Odo, Zakiya and Zoeki. Our comp was three warriors, a mesmer and two rangers. A big thank you to these guildees!


So we now have our very own Guild Hall! Make sure to visit by selecting the “Guild Hall” button in the Guild Tab. You will see there is plenty of space and we will be starting some building next. A blog entry on what you can do to help the Guild is coming soon.

If anyone has pictures of the event, please send them in.

Cattelle – Zoeki



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