Our plans

As November draws to a close, our Guild is now level 15. The arena is functional for all to try out. Trees are growing in our guild hall, and there is talk of having more of them.

First of all, it is time to promote a recent member who has already contributed enormously: Remua (player Eldemort). Remua is promoted to Member of Honor. Congratulations Remua, and most of all thank you on behalf of us all for making the guild a nicer place.


Then for our plans. The Leadership Committee are aware that many things can be done in the game, and each player has their own preferences. After discussion, below is what we are going to do:

  • Lucy (BearCat) will take the lead in getting a PvP activity going. Currently a team is being put together, so if you have any interest, talk to Lucy. Don’t be afraid, we are not pros.
  • Ezeqqi (Sythini) is getting started on high end PvE activities (raids). If you have any interest, make sure to get in touch with Eze, because this requires specific builds for your profession, and practice.
  • Cattelle (Zoeki) takes the lead on setting up dungeon and fractal runs by our guild. The idea is to run them the TOCC way (no tricks).

As always, let us know your comments in game, and enjoy your time with the Orchid Circle!

Cattelle – Zoeki




Yesterday we obtained the Guild Portal. When you visit the Guild Hall, you can’t miss it. Everyone can use it.

We are almost level 12 now, and we are looking for lots of Globs of Ectoplasm. Thanks to all who helped to get us this far.

Also, we have expanded the Guild Ranks and will look at how the system works out. We aim to recognize members who contribute to the Guild and make that visible in the ranks.

All members are now capable to invite friends to the Guild. As you know, the Guild rules are in this very blog.

Make sure to check out the pictures, BearCat and Zoeki have added content.

See you in game, and make sure to check out the Message of the Day.

Zoeki – Cattelle


Voting results – Some other updates

The Orchid Circle Guild is doing very well. We have broken through the 50 membership and have obtained Guild Level 7. Our Guild Hall is coming along nicely.

Of course you all want to know the results of the voting. I have put the results viewable so you can see for yourself now by going to that post. We have 4 votes for mainly PvE, 4 votes for PvE and WvW (one of those 4 left the Guild, personal communication), and 3 votes for PvE and PvP.

This puts us in a somewhat complicated position as a Guild with regards to WvW:

  • We are really in many different worlds (Gunnars Hold, Far Shiverpeaks, Ruins of Surmia, Piken Square, Underworld, and I have only asked a few people really), so as a Guild, to the best of my knowledge, we can not group up as representing one world.
  • Guildees are clearly becoming more active in PvP, so we can develop that. The Arena unlock is coming along nicely. Mr Sunglasses (pic 2) will like that.
  • PvE unlocks continue to come along.

For now I think we will go with PvE and PvP, because I have no quick fix for the WvW issue.

Current needs for unlocks are:

  • Elder wood, elder planks, flax seeds: give those to the Asura behind the table (pic 1).
  • Carrots and potatoes (no joke …).
  • Celestial Orichalcum Inscriptions are in production (just takes time).
  • If there is any object you would like to see in our Guild Hall? For 50 S you can buy a number of things from the guy in pic 3, ranging from tables and chairs to balloons and trees. I will put it in some spot and you can tell me where you like things to stand.

Guild Missions on Wednesday evenings seem to work fine, so we will stick to that for now.

If any comments, ideas about this, feel free to write in comments below, or discuss in Guild Chat.

Cattelle – Zoeki


Where are we?

We are in a good place. We are set to go to level 7 as a Guild and our numbers are growing. I got the expansion to go +50 members (this was cheap for once). Also our Guild Hall is taking on its own visual style (ahem, kind of getting there).

Votes on the previous blog entry are coming in, and democracy is showing its face! If you have not done so yet, cast your vote, it sure counts.

So far, as a Guild, we want everything! That is fine. However, there is a bit of a hickup.

We never paid attention to the World you were in as we recruited you, so WvW is a challenge. Please let us know which World you are currently in, and whether you have ever changed world so far (first move is free). That will allow us to take the right decision for your WvW aspirations. So please /w, /g, mail or whatever.

We meet tomorrow (Wednesday 1900 server time) for Guild Missions. Oh yes, we have four of those now, as we got the next PvE Guild Mission slot.

All yours,

Cattelle – Zoeki



Hello Orchid Circle Guildees,

Our guild is now Level 5. Until now, the sequence of upgrades was rather linear, but at this point the number of options and things to prioritize starts to explode. So I want to hear from all of you where you would like the Guild to go in the coming months. Your choices will also affect what we get as Guild Missions. Up to now we have kept them all in the PvE area. But that can be changed. So please cast your vote.

  • You can vote once.
  • You can select only one option.
  • You can vote until the end of August.
  • If you want to vote for something else, please put in a comment at the bottom.


If the above is not clear to you, please discuss it in the Guild chat in-game, it is much easier to explain things there.

Cattelle – Zoeki



“How can I help the Guild?”

This is the most frequent question I get, mostly by whisper. It is a nice question to get as a guild leader, so this post gives you some of the many ways you can help.

  • Play along with the Guild Squad to do the Guild Missions. These Missions are done in team, and when successful, we get favor for the Guild. Favor is one of the many currencies we need to grow the Guild. You will also get personal rewards. Watch the MOTD for when we group up.
  • Donate material for ongoing projects. Go to the Guild Hall and talk to Pall Gilmore, Gamli, Rekka and ask them what is needed. Then click on the little bag and you can see what we are looking for. If you are willing to donate any of those, go ahead. If you have raw material (say flax seeds or elder logs) put them in the Guild Stash, and our crafters will do the rest.
  • If the above is too much hassle, you can give some Gold. Some of the stuff we just buy and the Guild can use your money well. Either put it in the stash or mail it to me.
  • Rep (“represent”) the Guild. It has a few advantages, but most of all it says “I like to be with this Guild” and that is important to all of us in the Guild.
  • Many other ways exist: you could be interested in finding new members, you could take up scribing and take care of the looks of our Hall, you could become a writer on this very blog!
  • Most of all, make sure that you enjoy being in the Guild. That is what the Orchid Circle is all about. If you feel the Guild could be better this or that way, let me know! None of the above is an obligation. I started this Guild because I felt I could do something to make people have a good time, so that is key.

Don’t forget to pick up your free XP buff at the Guild Tavern!

Have fun out there,

Cattelle – Zoeki


We got the Guild Hall!

It took some preparation, and we were all getting a bit hyped about it, but yesterday we got the Guild Hall mission in Lost Precipice done.

To paraphrase Bill Murray: We came. We saw. We got lost.

On the first attempt we were five and it was a bit too new. Then Odo showed up as well, and on the second try we rallied and showed the Mordrem the door. The Orchid Circle players were Moody, Liathorn, BearCat, Odo, Zakiya and Zoeki. Our comp was three warriors, a mesmer and two rangers. A big thank you to these guildees!


So we now have our very own Guild Hall! Make sure to visit by selecting the “Guild Hall” button in the Guild Tab. You will see there is plenty of space and we will be starting some building next. A blog entry on what you can do to help the Guild is coming soon.

If anyone has pictures of the event, please send them in.

Cattelle – Zoeki